Monday, February 25, 2008

Catching up

I can't believe it has been this long since I have posted. I always plan on posting more, but never seem to get around to doing it.

First off, I will share a little excitement. It was a long time ago, but after sending my Oliver blanket squares to Kay from Mason-Dixon Knitting, she wrote a post about my squares. Check out Forrest's Momma Was Right. The photos of my squares a WAY better in her post.

Between then and now, I was busy with the holidays, and then going back to school. Besides having to take last semester off, I have been in and out of school for years. I am finally really back. I am only taking 9 credits this semester, but with kids, a husband and a puppy, that is more than enough. I am officially a Junior, but because of being in and out of school, I do have one entry level programming class that I have to take. It is good though because I haven't had a programming class in a few years, so it is a good refresher for me.

For knitting, I have been working away on numerous projects. I have been posting everything on Ravelry, but just not here.

For new exciting knitting adventures, I have been chosen to be a fill-in Test Knitter for Simply Socks Yarn Company. I was bummed that I didn't get chosen as one of her test knitters, and then she contacted me today to see if I could fill in and do a review. I won't know what yarn I will be using, the label will be removed, but I know that it is a solid color wool/nylon mix. It will be in the mail to me tomorrow. I am excited. I haven't been able to afford any sock yarn since Christmas, so it will be like Christmas all over again for me. Plus, Saturday is the start of spring break for me. So I'll have plenty of time to sit home, catch up on Tivo, and knit me a beautiful pair of socks. Sounds perfect to me!

I am not sure what pattern I will use until I actually see the yarn, but I have some ideas. I would love to make one of these Cookie designs, but they aren't available yet. Dang. But there are a lot of beautiful designs for me to chose from, so I won't have a problem finding something perfect.

Well, I will come back and post pictures of my mystery yarn when it arrives. I hope it is something really beautiful. Hopefully orange. Orange isn't just my favorite color, it is my obsession.

ps My entry level programming class is full of mostly teenage boys, and I, the old lady in the class, got the highest grade on our first test (92.31)!!! In your face little boys!