Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hat Heel Socks

In a past life, this yarn (Schaefer Yarn Company Anne) was a Clapotis, but I could never wear it because my neck was too sensitive for the fuzziness of the yarn. After looking at it for over a year, I decided to frog it and make socks instead, because the yarn was too beautiful to waste.

I knew the fuzziness of the yarn would hide fancy stitch patterns, but wasn't looking forward to plain socks. Then I looked at the Fall 09 Knitty, and found these socks. I am really curious about the construction, and like the idea that I can knit the foot top down, but then go back and knit the leg bottom up, until I run out of yarn. Ingenious idea!!

I was beginning to hit a knitting rut, where I didn't have anything I even wanted to knit. Now I am really excited to cast on. A new, cleverly constructed sock, a really beautiful yarn, and a weekend at home with no plans. :)