Thursday, March 20, 2008

Primavera Socks

I finished my Primavera Socks. Here are a few pics:

They turned out very nice. I would recommend the yarn and the pattern. I can't reveal the yarn yet though. The name of the yarn will be revealed when my review is posted on the SSYC Blog in a few weeks.

I am now working on a dishcloth. I am pretty busy with school at the moment, so I wanted something that was quick and amazing. Here is a photo of it so far. I am liking the spring colors:

I went grocery shopping today, and found an amazing coffee mug.

Ok, maybe amazing isn't exactly the word for it, but the shade of orange just makes me happy. And it is heavy enough that the cat won't knock it over when he crawls around on my desk trying to help me. Here is a picture of the cat with some flowers and a pot I bought last week:

And last, but not least, a picture of Jeffrey, because he's so darn cute:


Tracey, in MI said...

there- you are! (popped over from knitty blog)

Can't wait to see the no gap wrap in progress- hope I didn't do permanent damage by accosting you at Threadbear and forcing a vote on color---:) The blue was just so spectacular with your eyes!


also on blogger-

Anonymous said...

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